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    Yevgeny Mikhailov

    Pianist Yevgeny Mikhailov, born February 7, 1973, in the city of Izhevsk in a family of musicians. After graduating from music school and music college in Izhevsk, he entered the Kazan State Conservatory (Professor Burnasheva’s class) (1991–1996) and then — the post-graduate course of the Moscow State Conservatory (Professor Voskresensky’s class) (1996–1998).
    Since September 1996, Yevgeny Mikhailov — professor of the Kazan State Conservatory, since November 1997 — soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic Society. At 2002 he was awarded by the title of «National Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan».

    1993 — winner of the 9th Vasily Safonov Trans-Russian piano competition in Kislovodsk.
    1995 — First Prize winner of the First Scriabin International Piano Competition, Nizhny Novgorod; winner of three special awards including Richter’s Award and Sofronitsky’s Award.
    1996 — winner of the First Erikson International Piano Competition (Sweden).
    1999 — winner of the Twenty First Pozzoli International Piano Competition (Italy) .
    2002 — First Prize winner of the First Rahmaninov’s International Piano Competition in Los Angeles (USA).

    Since 1995 Evgeny Mikhailov performed a lot of concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Samara, Kurgan, Kislovodsk and other Russian cities.
    June 1995, Mikhailov performed the «Сoncert for piano with orchestra» by Alexander Scriabin (conductor — Vladimir Ashkenazy).
    In September 1995 Evgeny, together with the Russian National Orchestra (conductor — Mikhail Pletnev), played at music festivals in Switzerland and Germany (Scriabin’s poem «Prometheus»).
    Mikhailov also participated in the International Music Festival in Sweden (1996), International Music Festival in Bergen (Norway, 1999), Chopin International Festival (Poland), «Berlin — Moscow» festival (Germany), Lucerne International Festival (Switzerland), Giuseppe Verdi Hall of the Conservatory of Milan (Italy), Cortot Hall (France), and in the Civic Auditorium of Los Angeles (USA).
    His tours went in Austria, Sweden, Mexico, South America, Turkey and Hong Kong.

    Evgeny Mikhailov prepared many solo programs (for example, «Ten sonatas by Scriabin» cycle).
    He participates in the annual concerts of the Moscow State Philharmonic Hall, in the Kazan Sate Conservatory and in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, as well as in the Leningrad Philharmonic Hall.

    Released CDs:
    1995 — «Winners of the First Alexander Scriabin International Piano Competition» («Vista Vera» recording company).
    1998 — «All Alexander Scriabin’s Sonatas for Piano» («Melody» recording company).

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    Artem Abashev

    Artem Abashev, Richter’s scholarship winner, born March 18, 1983. In 2007 he graduated from the Kazan State Conservatory (Shlemov’s and Burnasheva’s class).

    Winner of the First prize of the Second International Piano Competition in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    Winner of the Fourth Scriabin International Piano Competition.

    Winner of the Second Rustem Yakhin International Chamber singers and concertmasters competition.

    Oleg Shmaevsky

    Graduated from the Kazan State Conservatory in 2003, (post-graduate 2005). In the Kazan Conservatory from 2003 as a piano teacher. Since 2008 — Docent.

    Dean of orchestral and vocal faculties (since 2005).

    Andrey Rudenko

    Pianist Andrey Rudenko — one of the musicians who is equally successful in different spheres of music. He’s a well-known person in jazz and in academic music community as well.

    In 1992–97 Rudenko studied at the Moscow State Conservatory (Professors Tatiana Nikolaeva-Tarasevich’s and Nikolai Petrov’s class). In 1999–2001, he studied at the Royal Irish Academy. In 2000, he became a winner of the international competition in Spain.

    After returning to Kazan he began performed in different forms actively.
    One of the famous projects of Andrey Rudenko is a jazz-duet with saxophonist Sergey Baulin. They originally played popular and self-written songs, so mass media named their music — «intellectual jazz». This band frequently performed in Kazan nightclubs («Joker» and «Jolly Roger»).

    Among the most famous jazz musicians, with whom Andrey Rudenko had worked — David Goloschekin, Dave Fleming, Michael and Richie Buckley. He also worked with: vocalists Lilia Chugunova and Victoria Andreeva, bassists Andrey Dudchenko, Dmitry Solomatin and Oleg Solodovnikov, drummers Rafael Abdullin, Adel Sabiryanov and Edward Nurullin.
    Rudenko participated in several festivals, including «Jazz Province 2003» (Kursk-Kazan), Yekaterinburg Jazz Festival (2002), «Jazz Voices» (Moscow, 2004), «Jazz platform» (Samara, 2004), «Устуу-Хурээ» (Tyva Republic, 2004), etc.
    In Tyva pianist has performed with the legendary «Sun Ra Arkestra» (USA) and got the diploma of the best pianist of the festival.

    Currently Rudenko works with singer Lilia Chugunova (song «Revolution Jazz») and with saxophonist Dmitry Zabegaev, the most popular saxophonist of Tatarstan.
    Today Andrey Rudenko is a mentionable person in modern jazz and blues.

    Summer of 2006 Andrey Rudenko became a participant of one of the groups of young Russian jazz musicians who were trained in the United States by the «Open World» education program. Famous trumpeter John Feddis worked with Russian group.

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